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Agency Online https://agency-online.com Marketing agency Tue, 05 Nov 2019 19:28:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.6 https://agency-online.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/cropped-site-icon-1-32x32.png Agency Online https://agency-online.com 32 32 New cooperation between Kuwait and Egypt https://agency-online.com/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet-consectetur-adipiscing-elit/ https://agency-online.com/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet-consectetur-adipiscing-elit/#respond Thu, 31 Oct 2019 14:44:40 +0000 http://demo.athemes.com/atu-agency/?p=106 His Excellency “Mr. Khalid Raja Al Adwani”, the Chairman of ” Al-Masila Group” in Kuwait, signed a marketing and business contract with “Agency Online for Management and Marketing” headed by “Mr. Amr Fathalla” – the General Manager of the company to represent ” Al-Masila Group” in the Arab Republic of Egypt and provide the best services to its customers’.

Mr. Khaled stated that he is keen to invest in Egypt due to its strategic importance in the Middle East; hence an advertising agency contract has been signed with “Agency Online” for its expertise and skills in the field of E-marketing, adding his belief in enhancing the presence in the Arab market and the Egyptian market in particular. Expecting further growth and geographical expansion for the group of companies through the provision of services in all areas, especially in the field of advertising, electronic marketing and in the field of tourism and travel as well.

Based on this contract, “Agency Online” will market and advertise the services of “Al-Masila Group” inside and outside Egypt.

Wishing from God more progress and prosperity for the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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66 Sources of Content Inspiration https://agency-online.com/66-sources-of-content-inspiration-2/ https://agency-online.com/66-sources-of-content-inspiration-2/#respond Mon, 28 Oct 2019 10:17:33 +0000 https://seofy.wgl-demo.net/?p=88

Want to know the one thing that every successful digital marketer does first to ensure they get the biggest return on their marketing budget? It’s simple: goal-setting. This is an absolutely essential practice for any digital marketer who knows how to execute their campaigns in a productive, cost-effective way. With a few. With a few simple tips, you can be doing the same in no time! In this blog, we’ll walk you through the first steps every savvy digital marketer takes to ensure that they’re on target to hit all their marketing objectives. Get ready for revenue!

Remember: even if the channel you’re considering is all the rage right now, it might not fit your brand. Always make informed decisions that directly relate to your company. Otherwise, your message won’t be delivered to its intended audience and you’ll have wasted time, effort and money.

Step #1: Know Your Digital Goals

The first step is clearly identifying which goals you want to achieve. Get specific. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Are you all about locking in leads? Do you want to establish a strong network of influencers that can help you be discovered? How about pushing engagement on social media?

Step #2: Get Specific

A useful tool for narrowing down your goals to ensure they’re viable is the SMART mnemonic. It’s important to get specific to understand exactly what you’re working towards, and help you break down the process of hitting your targets. This is exactly what this mnemonic helps you to achieve.

  • Does the channel reach my intended audience?
  • Is the channel sustainable and affordable within my company’s marketing budget?
  • Will I be able to measure the success of the channel?
  • Does the channel allow me to express my brand’s intended message?
  • Do the channels I’m considering work together to convey my message?

Step #3: Always Remember Your Goals!

Establishing a solid vision for your business is the first step to planning your digital marketing budget. Always keep your final goals in sight when organising anything for your company. When deciding which steps to take next in your business, ask yourself how they will help you achieve the goals you outlined in Step #1. This will ensure that you stay on track and prevent you from spending your budget on anything that won’t help you achieve.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning from failure.
– Paul Tournier

As your budget progresses and evolves, continue referring to your SMART objectives. Stay focused and remember your goals – they will always inform what your next step will be!

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